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  1. I'm glad that somehow you're able answer all these messages (including Ana-chan's) in your busy life! ^.^
  2. How do you use the pizza ingredients you get from the capsule machine? Do you need to get one of each and then you can somehow get a pizza or something?
  3. I noticed on your About Me you said you like studying. You really like studying? That seems unusual, lol.
  4. Thank you! Btw, I'm guessing you're probably busy with stuff. I haven't seen you on HKO or MS (MapleStory) for quite a while.
  5. I've been wondering this for quite a while. I'm guessing that you deleted your avatar and profile pic and reverted the profile setting to default because you were going to leave.

    Then, you said that you would stay here a little longer. Since you haven't left yet, I think it would be better to customize your profile?
  6. Now I'm level 100! I got my 4th job advancement! Well, the job advancements all have the same name.....
    1st job: Kanna
    2nd job: Kanna
    3rd job: Kanna
    4th job:....................Uh....Epic Kanna?
  7. Thanks for the greetings!

  8. Lol I happened to look at 'Today's Birthdays' for once and noticed it was your birthday!

    So happy birthday! ☺
  9. Happy Birthday!
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Date of Birth
June 5
About sparkle_star@hellokitty.com
Whoa! It's been a long time since I last updated this. O_O
Hello! I am sparkle_star. ^_^ I am a person who's friendly and active on Sanriotown and someone who's going to leave on December 26th. :( I am also a random person who is random at random times. XP XD I like writing stories and I'm currently writing a story on my blog (it's a HKO related story).
I play online games. I play Hello Kitty Online, Bearville, Club Penguin and MapleStory. Out of those games, I play on Hello Kitty Online and MapleStory the most. :) But I still play Bearville and Club Penguin. ^^
Have a nice day, everyone and follow the forum rules please.
Why I live on Earth, of course!
Sanrio, reading, anime, studying, stories
School Student
Mint Sweet


I'm going to leave. I might visit again, so I'm leaving this signature as it is.
Leaving Date (confirmed): December 26, 2013
HKO Ingame name: Kitty_12

I play on both servers. Need any help? Well, you can ask me for help! ^_^ I also play on Club Penguin and Bearville.

However, I don't always use Kitty_12~ sometimes, you can find me playing my alt account. *wonders if I should tell my al- oh, I'll just tell.

Alt Account ingame name: -Madoka-


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