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    hey hiya hola :D

    share anything about yourself here please!
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    Challenge me!

    Anyone wanna challenge me to a game? Type your game and your high score and I'll try to beat you! If you win, well, you're a MASTER
  3. How do you delete a post?

    How do you delete a post??
  4. Hannah Montana OR Wizards of Waverly Place Or The suite life?

    Which would you choose if you could only watch one of them? Tell me your answers, i would love to hear them xoxo :)
  5. OMG Check out this music video by Avril Lavigne
    She's so awesome! can anyone tell me about this movie?
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    What Is your fave game?

    I really want to have a challenge or something :)
    So tell me your fave game and your high score.
    I'll try to beat it! lol
  7. How do you add friends?

    Yeah, I have no idea how to. Please help me! :)
  8. Who loves Hannah Montana?!

    OMG I just love it so much! How about you? I really want to get along with those who love or like it;)
    Just friend me...
  9. Thank you for the advice!

    Thank You!;)
  10. Tell me something I don't know

    Yeah, just tell me something I don't know.
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    Selena GOMEZ!

    Selena GOMEZ!
  12. How do you change your forum picture??

    I have no idea how to edit my profile! Someone help!:mad::p:confused:
  13. Please check out my videos!

    I'm mostly uploading hannah montana so if you are a fan, please come and watch my videos! <3
  14. How do you change your username??

    It would be nice to change usernames in a while. is it possible to change your username without effecting the whole account?
    Plz help, it would be very useful. :)
  15. How do you delete a post?

    I can't delete a post! it annoys me so much! How do you do it?
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