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    Hi everyone!! Can anyone add me? I have no friends on Sanriotown. And if you add me check out my blog. Pls? Thx! ;)
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    about me!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you abit about myself, first, that my name is Angela. The full name is Angela Louise Rivera Kirkbride. I am 9 yrs old. And i am NOT kidding! I am from Philipines...
  3. Please read my blog and join HKSG (my own club)

    :eek: Please can you all read my cool blog and become a member of HKSG, (which is my club) ;)
  4. One Direction!!!! :o Who couldn't fall in love...

    One Direction!!!! :o Who couldn't fall in love with them!!!!!!!!!
  5. Would you like to be my friend?

    Hi, would you like to be one of my contacts? I want to make new friends!;)
  6. Making friends

    Hi, my name is Angela and I'm from England plus Philippines! I'm nine years old and I don't have friends on Sanrio Town, so add me!!! :D
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