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  1. How can you unspam spam on your blog?

    So I have like tons of spams from my blogposts and I never read them because I thought they were actual spams.

    But when I acutally read some today..they weren't spams at all. And so I tried to...
  2. Can I choose all three? TeeHee XD

    Can I choose all three? TeeHee XD
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    Sticky: Happy Birthday! May the best wishes come!

    Happy Birthday! May the best wishes come!
  4. When will there be more themes for my blog?

    There are only a few themes to chose from. When will more be made? Can we make our own? (Considering the fact i'm learning html coding)
  5. I Need New Outfits! Where Can I Shop?

    So, this year, I didn't really go school shopping for clothes. I don't want to shop at expensive stores, cause I don't have a job yet, but I might this this upcoming summer. Anyways what store do you...
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    Music on blogs?

    When will there be a update where you can put music on your blog?
  7. How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes!

    Check out my blog! And under "Beauty 101" will be a "How you get rid of dark circles"
    There are tips and tricks how to make them go away!

    I also added a little "How to Make Your Own Brightening...
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    How to make your hair soft.

    So almost every girl at my school asks me how I get smooth hair when I straighten my hair everyday. Cause when you straighten your hair so much, you can damage it. My hair is thick and poofy so I...
  9. Korean music!!! ^_^

    Korean music!!! ^_^
  10. Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  11. How do we reply back to people on a post?

    So on my blog, I recently had someone comment on my post, but i'm not sure if I respond back will they get a notification from me saying that I have responded back? Or would I have to wait till when...
  12. Does anyone in here listen to K-pop?

    I absolutely love K-pop so if you do, please check out my blog
  13. Cheak out my blog! And and i'll check yours out!

    I'm a aspiring blogger hoping to make it big!

    Comment on my post?
    Send me E-mails concerning thing I should blog?
    Tell me what I need to blog more of. ^_^

    Check my blog out and I will...
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