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    Relaxation for the feet!

    Hello! My subject teacher on Home Economics and Livelihood Education taught us good grooming and she also discussed us some tips for our feet.

    Though the feet are least cared for, they...
  2. How to be a senior member?

    Hi! I'm just asking how to be a senior member?:confused:

    -Kirsten Mae:)
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    What is your hobby?

    Hi! It's me again! Do you want to know what my hobbies are? Well, I'm into gaming, writing, and arts and crafts. And I am starting to be familiar with sports.

    -Kirsten Mae;)
  4. Poll: Mine is cinnamoangels, cinnamoroll and...

    Mine is cinnamoangels, cinnamoroll and sugarbunnies!:o
  5. Please reply!!! I'm finding your advices and...

    Please reply!!! I'm finding your advices and comments!!!:o
  6. Friendly reminders on facial care

    Hello! Do you want to know some friendly reminders on facial care? Well, I can give you some of them! Please listen carefully!!!:)

    1. Wash your face regularly to avoid dirt. Use soap or facial...
  7. I like your game

    Yes, I like animal crossing city folk also animal crossing wild world!:D
  8. Fashion Forum on Clothes and Accessories

    Does anyone like haute` couture? Well me, I mostly like it VERY MUCH! You know what, haute`couture is adorable! Hi! My name is Kirsten Mae Chesna. I live on the Philippines. Mostly tropical weather...
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