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    How to Play the Emote Game

    The Emote Game

    To play the Emote Game, the player must be familiar with the text commands for emotes in HKO, and basically mimic the actions of the Party Master using these commands. This game can only be played once a day, so make the most out of it. Can you stack up to the Party Master’s acting skills?

    How to play:

    1. Talk to The Party Master NPC in any of the cities (Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, London, Paris, Beijing)
    2. Click on the “Game Room Management” button to see a list of rooms
    3. Choose a room to enter and wait for the game to start
    · The game will not start until there are at least 4 players in the room, so players are encouraged to invite their friends to play.
    · Every 3 minutes, the game will check whether there are enough players. If there are, the game will start, if not, players will be given an option to leave or keep waiting.
    4. Watch out for the emoticon that The Party Master NPC uses for each round
    5. After each emoticon that the Party Master displays, a window will appear asking which emoticon was used; type the right command for that emoticon into the field
    · If you get it right, you get 1 Birthday token
    6. Do this until the end of the game

    List of commands to use:

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