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    Claiming of Designer Depot Shirts and Hats

    Hello Designer Depot Guild Representatives! Please post the time and date in Eastern Standard Time when you can claim your shirts and hats on this thread for reference.

    Only guild representatives can claim the items. Kindly PM our GMs when you log into the game so that they can give you the shirts and hats.

    Please make sure that you have enough space in your inventory for the items. For large orders, you might want to bring some of your guild mates along so that you can pass the items to them to free up your inventory.

    Thank you once again for participating and see you our next event!

    The Hello Kitty Online Team

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    I sent a ticket in to help@hellokittyonline.com about claiming my t-shirt and have yet to hear anything back. It would be nice to at least know the status of it. As stated in the old forum post for the designer depot our guild representative is no longer active.

    Thank you

    IGN: Luneth

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    Hello Luneth!

    Please state the name of your guild and your original representative so that we can check the status of your request.


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    The guild was Supercute and the the representative was Cricket

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