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    Quote Originally Posted by dudette4475@hellokitty.com View Post
    Rats!! Cute!! That's so awesome you have them, my cat would find a find a way in though and eat them for breakfast, haha. I would say the weirdest pet I've had is one of these:
    aaaawww! that was so cute dudette!!! i wish i had one like that..
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    I have 4 rats, but im not sure if they can be classified as unusual or weird :P, i have loved rats ever since i was kid and have owned many during the years.

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    I have a parakeet

    Quote Originally Posted by southparkpikachu@mymelody.com View Post
    i have 2 budgees, one is a yellow one named tweety and another is a red and blue one named cartman, sometimes we let tweety out of her cage and she bumps into windows and she and cartman make annoying noises when i sleep at night. there not mating because there neutured.
    I have a parakeet too! I got him for Christmas last year. He's blue and I named him Johnny Cade after the character from the Outsiders.

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    Shalour city? :o
    Well, I haven't had many pets in genneral as a kid...soo in a sense, owning a DOG feel's a bit 'exotic' for me at the age I am now.. @_@; lol.. xD;

    Exotic pets are interesting, though. I admit it, there's ones i've kind of desired to care for at younger ages, i'm sure of it, but nowdays, it probably is best I stick with something more like the basic cat or dog. More exotic-ish pets probably need a lot more research, regardless of one's pet owning expiriences. And not all vets may know enouth about how to tend for them either.

    The axolotl is indeed very cute, though ^^

    This is a pretty cool thread :P
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    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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