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    I think makeup is like a cover up for your natural beauty.But I don't think that you are going overboard with it. All you need to do is cover up your blemishes and pat on some bronzer afterwards. And eyeliner is a must.

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    its ok if you dont put on eyeliner it better so just lip golss/stick is fine in my opinion.
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    Definitely too young, but I think fun chap stick/lip gloss is safe and appropriate. And of course, like people have mentioned already, practicing at home for fun.

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    I think its a matter of personal choice. If you wanna wear crazy fun makeup to express yourself, then do it! You get to choose who you are, be yourself and do what makes you feel good and don't ever care what people think about it.

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    Hmm, I sure that if you are 11 years old...you have a pretty skin, so, I wouldn't worry about wearing make-up but lipgloss, works just fine and a soft eyeliner wouldn't be bad. Just don't wear too much because it makes you look uncessarily older.

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    I wanted 2 wear makup but da truth is tat u breakout more! I already breakout alot of times. So I intend 2 wait wen I'm oldr nd fully devloped so I can wear makeup! But I wear lipgloss nothing bad happens wen u wear lipstick but meh mum says I'm 2 young 4 it so ya :/

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    if you must wear foundation wear a light mineral foundation with spf. lipgloss and mascara would be good for you though. dont forget to wash your face before you go to bed or else youll get acne and wrinkles and moisturize your face and eye area once or twice a day (。◕‿◕。)

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    im 10 but i only wear mascara and some time eyeshadow and lip gloss as long as its not to much and u look older than u r its fine! but make sure do not look older than u r that could get u in trouble!
    hope i helped guys x

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    I believe that makeup should be used to work with how you look naturally, like ^^Ly^^. When I was 11, my mother had just let me start wearing powder foundation, and eye shadow that enhances the color of my eyes. I had been wearing tinted-chapstick for a while, and lip gloss. I think 13 is a good age to start wearing liquid foundation. Then 15 is the year for eye liner and mascara. I am 17 and I may not be as liberal with make-up as I am with fashion, but still, let your skin be young for a while. I also believe that this conversation should be had with a mother or aunt, not as a public discussion. If you want to wear make-up, be mature enough to talk to an adult/relative about it.

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    I just wear a lipgloss and on special occasions i wear eyeshadow and a lipgloss.
    I also like to paint my nails.
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