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    When I was eleven years old, I already had pimples, I think cover up makeup for pimples is fine, I wasn't allowed to wear coverup until I was thirteen, and looking back at pictures of me at eleven I really feel upset not being able to wear any foundation at that age, I felt different and alone because my friends skin was flawless, I also think mascara is fine too, as long as it's not 'caked' I don't think the makeup you wear should be noticeable, lipgloss is fine, lipstick..Not so much... But my opinion is if you feel that you are ready for wearing makeup at eleven I think go for it!

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    No way! I don't use any makeup at all except for lip gloss from getting my lips chapped. Otherwise, I would not do it I were you. And besides! There's stuff in there that could be harmful to your face. Believe me.
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    Nope. Make up makes acne worse. I know because my cousin is overboard with it.

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    Smile Yes!

    I wear blush,eyeliner,mascara,and lip stick but if you were lip-stick there lip-balm under it.BTW i`m only 11 y.old

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