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    I completely love hello kitty<3
    And i couldn't care less what other people think.
    From purses, to socks, to watches, to shirts, everything.
    Can't wait for the looks I'll get when people see my future HK rib tattoo.

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    People stare at me like I'm five.
    A guy-friend of mine pat my head and asked me things a toddler would want. I said yes to everything. Then he sent me to the corner. T.T
    At least one friend of mine loves HK as much as I do. We go skipping down the halls singing the theme song for HK and friends. XD
    I love wearing HK clothing. :3 (Because, I can still fit the children department.)
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    I'm a cereal-killer.

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    with my husband
    i support hello kitty all the way. i use a hello Kitty backpack that my husband got me for Christmas. its so **************** cute! i get mixed reviews about it. u have some people say how cute it is and u got the haters looking like and how old r u? ....dont worry bout it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by acton@hellokitty.com View Post
    I am a 50 year old 6'4" male. I guess I may get some chuckles when they see me in public with a Hello Kitty backpack on. I only one got a negative response. I also get smiles when I pull out my Hello Kitty Wallet or the 28" hello kitty plush I keep in the passenger seat in my truck. Then Again I live in "Keep" Portland "wierd" Oregon.
    Portland is weird. Actually people mostly like my stuff. I wear this ridiculous hat with ears and a bow, which oddly is accepted by most.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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