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    How to Play Bingo


    Bingo is all about filling in patterns, and it’s a game of chance so use your tokens wisely! This game requires a Bingo card, which can be purchased through the Party Master NPC. There is no limit to how often the game can be played.
    · Straight Line – Fill a straight line of 5 numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This game requires a Straight Line Bingo Card to enter, and grants the winner 15 tokens.
    · Nine-pack – Fill a 3x3 block of numbers anywhere on the card. This game requires a Nine-pack Bingo Card to enter, and grants the winner 30 tokens.
    · Blackout – Fill the entire card. This game requires a Blackout Bingo Card to enter, and grants the winner 50 tokens.

    How to play:

    1. Talk to The Party Master NPC in any of the cities (Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, London, Paris, Beijing)
    2. Click on the “Game Room Management” button to see a list of rooms
    3. Choose which type of Bingo Game you would like to play from the tabs at the top of the window
    4. Choose a room to enter and wait for the game to start; when the game begins, your Bingo card will appear on your screen
    · The game will not start until there are at least 4 players in the room, so players are encouraged to invite their friends to play.
    · Every 3 minutes, the game will check whether there are enough players. If there are, the game will start, if not, players will be given an option to leave or keep waiting.
    5. Watch the display on the stage and check the numbers that appear
    · The colors on the display also correspond to the letters in BINGO, to make them easier to find on the card
    · Numbers called will also appear at the top of the Bingo card interface
    6. If you have the same numbers on your card, mark them down by clicking on the number
    7. Keep marking down the numbers on your card as the system keeps calling out new ones
    8. Once you have filled the pattern for that the room, you have Bingo, so click on the Bingo button; if you get Bingo before anyone else, you will be the winner
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