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    Ugh, hate them both. Im not a fan of anything trendy...it cheapens your looks and shows no originallity. Im very liberal with my hair and commend others who are as well. But nothing looks more tacky than a middle aged woman with ************************ feathers in her hair (unless its in the form of a decorative hair accessory like a barret or a vintage hat).

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    Quote Originally Posted by eliz_0311@hellokitty.com View Post
    i would rather just leave my hair naturally gorgeous ..
    I agree with you!

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    i would prefer meh hair naturally gorgeous. i dont do much with meh hair anyways. i just keep it up in a ponytail most of da time XD so i would just stick to meh natural hair and add in occasional headbands, clips, and barrettes if i wanted to add somethin extra
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    I think feather hair extensions are actually cute IF they are not overdone. Just a couple in would look cute. I am actually thinking of putting some in my hair myself.
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    wow! I never knew that Hair tinsel was sooo old! I realy want feathers, though! cant wait to get them!! (:
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    yes im in to the feathers.. i have one and i really like it

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    I often use hair clips whenever I go out, somehow it is not too much and not too less of an accessory. I have it in neutral colors whenever I feel laid back, and in bright colors whenever I feel happy and free-spirited!

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