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Thread: Nostalgia

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    I miss my friends, and this guild I used to be in. And well, all the bonding. I just started playing again, after awhile and well, things have changed a lot. Reading this thread really made me feel big nostalgia, for all those little things of HKO.

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    I was apart of the old before I decided to take a hiatus. Before I knew it, I had to get a new account thanks to ariea games dropping hko. I have also started playing again and I really miss a lot of those things that everyone else listed. Especially the people who where willing to help with with monster drops! It's so hard now, having to do every little thing by yourself. I miss it being busy too...

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    Wow so many people sharing their nostalgia. Thank you so much everyone for everything you shared here. I hope some of you still around here. Still waiting for the next generation of Hello Kitty Online.

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