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    Guide: Forum Profile/Settings

    How to get to your private forum Dashboard:

    Go to the Quick Navigation bar at the bottom of any topic and click on Settings. You'll get something that looks like this:

    If someone has tried to befriend you, you will get a notifcation. If you do not accept their friendship you will not be on their forum friendlist. Topics you have subscribed to will be below this. The left sidebar is pretty self explanitory.

    To make a signature like the one I have simply click on "Edit Signature".

    "Edit Profile" will allow you to hide your date of birth/age. It will allow you to add a homepage and instant messaging information as well as a blurb about yourself. This information will be on the "About Me" section of your profile.

    "Profile Privacy" will allow you to choose who can see the information on your profile. Only want logged-in members of SanrioTown to see it? No problem!

    "General Settings" allows you to do all sorts of things. I highly recommend you check it out. Want a pop up whenever you get a Private Message? Go here to allow that!

    How to Customize your Profile:

    Click on your e-mail (that's displayed when you post) to be taken to your forum profile.

    Click on "Customize your Profile" above your message. A blank page will pop up above this.

    Click on "Customize" at the top to get the page to display. You can now click on the colors to customize your profile.

    Don't worry if you screw up, clicking default will revert everything back to the settings before you started messing with it.

    If you want to know what each item color will change on your profile without messing around with it yourself, click here! A color coded picture telling you what each item changes on your profile.

    Friends List
    Adding Background Images - by Ly
    Quick List of Hexadecimal Colors - by Tacitala

    I hope that helps some of you guys! Lemme know if I should add something here, or if you have any questions.
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