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    Boy meets world!

    Anyone still watch boy meets world in the mornings, i miss that show so much

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    Awww, Boy Meets World! I can't help but sing the theme song when I think of this show :] That is definitely one of the 90's shows that I miss...I haven't in a while, but when I needed to be up very early, I did catch a few episodes here and there in the mornings. I wish it was still on a real time though...I bet lots of people would watch it!

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    I would watch this show every day or so along with the other shows like Blossom and such.

    From OMG Yahoo!:
    The bright-eyed Danielle Fishel was famous for playing Topanga Lawrence (later, Topanga Lawrence-Matthews), Cory Matthews' love interest on "Boy Meets World." Topanga was initially a guest character on the show, but thanks to a catchy name and winning personality, the producers (and Cory!) liked her enough to make her a main character. "I met a woman who named her daughter Topanga," Fishel told People in 2006. "I had one of the most awesome character names in TV history."
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    Shalour city? :o
    I remember this show. The name always sounded rather cute to me but i'm not sure if I ever really saw it though. XD

    I used to watch 'Friends' sometimes as a kid though..
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    Ooh I remember this show! I used to love watching it almost every day ^^ never got to really finishing it.

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    i like this show ..
    i used to watch this , a little .. ^_^v

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    Aww Boy Meets World! Miss it so much. That was my favorite show. Loved watching them grow up!
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    It was AWESOME!

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    i love that show! i watch that show every chance i get!

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    Oh yeah I still remember that show was awesome and I never miss even a single time.

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