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    Exclamation Forum Rules

    1. Avoid posting your address and phone numbers here in the boards.
    As much fun as making new friends can be, we don't want our dear users to get stalkers following them in real life. So for your own safety, please abide by this rule.

    2. Stay in Topic.
    Ex. All "let's be friends" topics must stay in the Friendship Forum. Those that insist will have their topics closed and/or deleted. In addition to that, those who have posted off-topic replies will have their comments removed.

    3. No Spamming, Flaming, Obscenities, or Profanities allowed.
    All such members will be taken care of immediately. And what I mean by taken care of, is that they will be banned from this place.

    4. No advertising of other forum sites and no soliciting.
    Advertisements will be deleted without warning. Non-offensive homepages are ok, depending on the situation. Please ask for permission first before posting. Also, discussions of anything involving monetary transactions isn't allowed.

    5. The forum is NOT a chatroom.
    Please do not use the forums as a personal chatroom between you and your friends. This includes personal topics meant only for specific people (ex. "For xxxxx only". If you want to chat with your friends, you can do this by sending e-mails to each other, sending a private message, or by leaving visitor messages in Walls.

    6. "Hate Posts" are not allowed.
    This is a forum to meet and make friends, not to quarrel and flame someone. Users who start or support these topics will be warned by the admin through email and may be even banned from the forums.

    7. Obscenity is not allowed.
    This includes not only text but also images. Posting these not only will be deleted immediately, but the one who posted this will immediately get banned from the site.

    8. Multiple quoting isnít allowed.
    When you quote a previous comment made by another member, only include the relevant parts in your post. Please delete any quotes made by the personís message that you were referring to.

    9. Double-posting isn't allowed.
    As much as possible, try to say everything that you need to say in a single comment for each topic at a time. If you've forgotten something and want to edit or add to what you've posted, please do edit what you've already published instead of posting another reply. USE the '"Edit Post" button. Furthermore, make sure that each comment you enter on the forums is only posted once. Violation of this rule constitutes flooding, and the second/subsequent comments may be deleted by the moderators.

    10. Observe proper netiquette.
    This includes avoiding using ALL CAPS and using extremely huge fonts. Please also be mindful of your posts. Don't post things with little to no value at all, these can be considered SPAM. Use proper spacing and don't use very light colors like yellow so your post will be easier to read.

    11. Picking up other members is not allowed.
    Posts made looking for boyfriends or girlfriends on SanrioTown will be deleted immediately.

    12. Do not make duplicate threads.
    Before making a thread MAKE SURE that there it's a different topic. PLEASE use the SEARCH function. Duplicate or similar threads will be deleted without notification.

    Failure to abide in the forum rules will result in the following:

    1st offense = WARNING by the moderator/s
    2nd offense = 1 - 3 days BAN
    3rd offense = up to 1 week ban
    4th offense = up to 1 month ban

    Depending on the severity of the offense a PERMANENT BAN may be imposed immediately.

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