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    Exclamation Repeat Quests Problem

    I found that I'm doing the quests that I have done before.
    Well, it was a long time ago since the last time I played it.
    My level was and is still level 7. (As the pic shows)
    HKO level info.jpg
    However, I'm doing the quests for level 1 or 2.
    In addition, I think I have done those quests before because I can find the history in Quest Log. For example, I just got a quest called "Learn to cook," but I already have the rewards of the quest. So I check it in the quest log and found another exact same one with state "Complete." And so do many other quests that I've done before recent play (done long long ago when the game hasn't updated to have Carnival Dream area).
    I don't know whether I should repeat the quests, or just leave them there with one "In Progress" and other same "Complete."
    I'm confused with these repeated quests.

    Hope the game can be improved more....

    Thank U for reading.
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    At some point in time, a number of quests were "streamlined" (i.e., Sora once had two quests, once to get regular clover, and another get the rare clovers), which were then combined into a single quest. These were reset, so if you've finished them previously, you can pick them up again.

    If you're level 7, it wouldn't hurt to do them over. They won't take long, and without knowing where your current progress halted, you might end up missing an important quest.

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    I was in the same situation on the international server. I started before the patch of doom and went back to my character on the international server once I rescued Hello Kitty on the US server. If you have not finished Floraoplis quest I would redo them all. The clothing offered have better protection than before the patch, tailor made quest now have different completion levels , and the House-Building 101 was moved form London to Floraoplis.

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