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    Smile I have Sanrio themes for SIMS 3

    Anyone playing the Sims 3?

    Follow me on twitter to get the latest tweets on when I upload more Sanrio patterns up @ the Exchange! Twitter link is at bottom of 1st post. http://sanriostarlight.livejou​rnal.com/

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    i wish i had sims 3 but my laptop doesnt even have enough space for me to play my sims 2 lol

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    ^ Aww... hopefully, one day, you'll be able to upgrade your computer or get a new one. Then, you'll find out that Sims 3 is really amazing, especially the create-a-style app within the game. You can customize to a whole new level.

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    this is really cool ! where can i get this one ? how to download ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eliz_0311@hellokitty.com View Post
    this is really cool ! where can i get this one ? how to download ?
    Hi, Eliz! If you don't have the PC game, Sims 3, you'll need to buy the base game, either from their official store or from Amazon : Deluxe (Base game & 1st expansion: Ambitions).

    2nd- World Adventures
    3rd- Late Night
    4th- Generations

    Once you have the base game & whichever expansions, you have to create a Sims 3 account and from there you'll be able to download anything from the Exchange>Objects. My creations can be found here. My Stuff>Studio

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