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    Cinnamoroll! ^-^♥
    I luhv Milk, especially, too. ♥

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    i like cinnamonroll
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    I love Cinnamoroll! I espesialy love his friend Espresso!!! Cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by asianhugz1@hellokitty.com View Post
    Cinnamoroll! ^-^♥
    I luhv Milk, especially, too. ♥
    Milk is awesome.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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    The Anime Bunny ^^
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    I love Cinnamoroll! He's SO cute! :3 One of my favorite Sanrio Characters.
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    Cinnamoroll is super cute and adorable! I just asdfghjkl when I see him!!

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    -raises hand vigorously-

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    Cinnamoroll is really adorable He always makes me think of those cute floppy eared bunnies. Just yesterday I found a winamp skin that I loved, and guess who the theme was? x3

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    Shalour city? :o
    Cinnamoroll is KAWAII! :3 He was my favorite sanrio character when i was 13 years old, I think. I recall putting images of him on an old pokemon page of mine XD
    I AM Santa123fawr

    I have a crush on Korrina from Pokemon x and y that....i feel i need to tell the whole net about cuz it's real big and stuff o.o;

    My gender is irrelevant, have a nice day now.
    And I didn't make my awesome av :3 xD

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