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Thread: Visit My Blog?

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    Cool Visit My Blog?

    Ehh, you don't have to. *scuffs shoe* but it'd be nice. XD
    Thank you~
    (click my homepage if you wanna visit my blog)
    I'm a cereal-killer.

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    Yay! I love that song by Selena Gomez ^^ you play HKO too? more yay! lol I'll be sure to say hi if I see you keep up the blogging.

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    Oooh! Read the blog! Very nice. I <3 Pokemon.

    Feel free to say hello to me if you see me in game. I'm Billie on both servers.
    ~*~*Well, maybe I'm like my father - strung out on something or another;
    held to a standard I was always sinking under. And maybe I'm like my mother, she shattered 'cause no one loved her. But maybe, maybe I am like no other.*~*~

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    Thank you! I hope I can see you both! ;D
    I'm a cereal-killer.

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