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    I don't really like the taste of coffee but I adore the smell~ And I just had an interview with a coffee shop! Though occasionally I will drink a latte or other flavored 'caffeinated' drinks, but coffee is too bitter for me.

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    Coffee Please! I really love my cup of joe. I am completely lost at work if I don't get a chance to drink it.

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    coffee..... I like a vanilla latte once in a while. Not often though. i love the SMELL of coffee actually....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahkat00@hellokitty.com View Post

    I don't know if i don't like it too.Well it looks nice.
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    I drink coffee pretty much everyday, with milk added to it :3 It seem's to calm my dizzy spells i'm prone to.
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    I am one of the rare people who do not drink coffee. Besides soups I do not like food and drink that are too hot plus I do not find coffee to be sugary enough for me. I do love the smell though. And once I ate a piece of a chocolate cake that had coffee in it and it was delicious.
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