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    POP and SMTP access settings

    Dear all
    How can i setting the pop and smtp of this account into my mobile phone

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    is there a reason why it isnt?

    i guess thats why people are wondering and asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonlun@hellokitty.com View Post
    Dear all
    How can i setting the pop and smtp of this account into my mobile phone

    This issue has been answered via the following links:

    http://forum.sanriotown.com/showthre...l-to-my-iphone [your post has been merged to this thread]

    Spam posts were deleted. Please do not spam the newly-made threads/inquiries.

    Quote Originally Posted by cutievee123@mymelody.com View Post
    We regret to inform you that Sanriotown no longer provides e-mail forwarding service/POP3 service.
    You have to visit the website in order to check your e-mail.
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    my msn address in my hellokitty address, is it possible to connect this to my iphone. Thanks

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    i am ready to rephrase. i used to pay to have the pop3 smtp service. what will it cost to get this back. i have had a hello kitty account for many years now + i am a huge hello kitty fan. but it is very annoying to have to use the website and it does not make me buy more. it exposes my phone and my computer to extra vulnerabilities if i have to go there through a browser and for little kids even more so. i would be willing to contribute time as well as funding, am very familiar with the actual backbone you guys use and have been dealing with enterprise email systems for more then 20 years. there is just no logic to it being turned off. Can you have the postmaster or sysadmin contact me directly or w************ver made this decision? i don't want to whine or nag, but i would at least like to know the reasoning behind the decision. I send 500-1000 USD on hello kitty gear per month on average, i buy imternationally and occasionally through your site. thank you

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    What a shame having your email setup on cellphone is essential. That's why smartphones are for

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    I don't understand why being able to sync your email to your phone hasn't been done. I mean, come on! It's 2013 already. At least a web version of the website would help. It would make it much easier..

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    There should be a way to link HelloKitty emails to our phones by now, or a app... anything. After all these requests why can't this happen?

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    Wake up Sanrio!! It's 2013 ding dong!!!!

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    is there any other way? or can you fix this?

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