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Thread: Cupcakes!

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    My favorite cupcake is red velvet cupcake with mint chocolate frosting

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    Red Velvet or CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
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    I like chocolate cupcakes and this is what I do when I have a cupcake:

    SOMEONE: "Here's your cupcake!" *gives*
    ME: "Thanks!" *walks around*
    ME: *eats cupcake*
    ME: "I miss my cupcake!"

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    My fave? Banana Walnut Cupcake!

    But I wish this cupcake could be designed like this:

    wishing and hoping.....
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    My favorites are white cupcakes. The days where it is baked I eat it without icing (except for a few exceptions) then add icing the other days.
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    I don't eat cupcakes but I do like chocolate so ones with chocolate probably tend to look tasty to me!!! I probably would get a serious bellyache if I ate a food that was as unhealthy as a cupcake is though.


    But maybe one day i'll have one just to see what it's like! Like I said; i'm sure the chocolate flavored ones are pretty tasty!!! X3 I hope I get to try macarons some day too. The fruit flavored ones look like they're pretty tasty, and I like how I hear they are made with almond paste :3 Sound's kind of like marzipan. I wanted to try that stuff too when I was younger. I think it cost's a lot, though.

    But for years I couldn't really consume much sugar without getting meltdowns and stuff like that so I probably shouldn't rush into trying too many less healthy sweets :P Even if they didn't give me meltdowns, there's still tummy aches and nightmares to worry about. I'm pretty sensitive to what I consume, I guess :P

    ...Maybe around this christmas or halloween this year i'll try a macaron though

    EDIT: Also, the frosting on those chocolate cupcakes in that picture one of the above posters posted look's SERIOUSLY good. Mmmm. Maybe i'll go reach for one of my nutrition bars after looking at that image haha though i don't want to run out of them too fast....
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