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    Exclamation Help!

    Hi does anyone know anything about Cathy Freeman if you do please tell me.

    Thanks bye

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    Hi to you. Can you please help me understand what Cathy Freeman has to do with Sanrio (Town)? Since you have decided to post this in the forum-section "Ask Sanriotown" you cannot be talking about the Australian sprinter Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman.

    There must be hundreds of other people called Cathy Freeman around the world, so maybe you're talking about someone working for Sanrio or someone playing HKO? If it's a player and data of their real-life you want to know about this should never be asked publicly!
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    Hi yes i am talking about the australian spriter cathy freeman i put it in ask sanrio town because i am asking people from sanrio town. I still need to know about her though.

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    I'll post the information I find here, but you need to know that this thread does not belong in the "ask sanriotown" forum.
    Ask sanriotown is supposed to be for asking ABOUT sanriotown. ^-^

    Honest mistake though. ^-^

    Here are a few points on Cathy Freeman.

    -Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman, known as Cathy Freeman was born 16 February 1973

    - She is an Australian Aboriginal sprinter who specialised in the 400 metres event.

    - She became the Olympic champion for the women's 400 metres at the 2000 Summer Olympics. (At which she lit the olympic flame)

    - She was born in Slade Point, Mackay, Queensland, where the local athletics track is now named after her.

    - Her first coach was her stepfather, Bruce Barber.

    - Freeman announced her retirement in 2003.

    - She is an Ambassador of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

    - Freeman attended several schools, but was mostly educated at Fairholme College, in Toowoomba.

    - Freeman married Sandy Bodecker, a Nike executive, in 1999.

    - On her right arm, the side closest to the spectators on an athletics track, she had the words "Cos I'm Free" tattoed mid-way between her shoulder and elbow.

    There we go, straight out of wikipedia. ^-^

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    I'm sure if you can contact one of the moderators, they can move this over to the sports fourm ^_^
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    I think the inquiry has been answered.
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    Thread locked.
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