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    -insert place here-

    My interactive blog

    My plan is this: I will have a new topic everyday w/facts and my opinion whether it be airplanes, books, texting, anything! I will also be interviewing members and putting up our conversation so you can get to know someone better and any news that catches my eye for those of you who don't really watch the news or read the newspaper. I will post celebrity news and real matters. If you'd like to be interviewed please post here and in return for allowing me to question you, I will add you to my blogroll. ^_^
    Thank you, and I hope you read my blog.
    you're the reason why i smile(:

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    I'd like to sign up for an interviw.
    Also it seems like a really great idea. Posting everyday is ambitious though, but I liek your spunk and again, great idea
    Check out my blog
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    Its a good thing.

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    Philippines :)
    that's a cool idea! :3 looking forward to your blog posts

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