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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Item Stacking in Storage

    I think it would be great when adding items to your farm storage to have them automatically join together with items that are the same. As it is now you can have multiple spaces being taken up by the same item. bit of an annoyance to sort through and stack them on each other if you want to save space. a search feature for the storage inventory would also be nice.

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    Good ideas. Personally I would be glad with a bigger storage... =D My storage is nearly full, though I already sold out a lot of things. I only have my clothes, pet cards and special seeds there now and I don't wanna sell them, but there won't be enough space If I'll get more stuff...

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    Nice ideas. If you can you should tell the Game Moderators about your suggestions in-game because I think they're not able to visit the forums and read here most of the time.

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