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    My video, question about display?

    Thats the video I made, it made editors pick, I am so happy!!

    Anyway, I want to change the picture it dsplays at the beginning, maybe just to something in the middle of the video? because it stays at the black bit in the beginning, soi it doesnt look good, so people wont click it. ^^
    how do I change it's display picture?

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    It is black, it seems that the thumbnail of the video wil always be the 1rst thing from the video, since the Charmmy video starts out black that what appears on the selection screen. Try:
    1.Edit video
    2. Add Slide
    3. On the top drag that slide to the first position
    4. Now on the 1rst slide try just pitting a pic of Charmmy or a title or both and hope the new image takes the place of the black screen, I don't think ST has the option to change the vids display pic unless what I suggest actually works.
    5. Preview it.Save.

    I'm terrible explaining, at least that's what I would do, i'm not responsible if my suggestion damages your video.

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