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    The SanrioTown Guy chaosvirus@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Cool What are your favorite sports?

    Mine is badminton, bowling, chess and billiards. I rarely play and I'm not good at them though.

    I would also like to play and learn golf someday.

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    Basketball is my sport of choice.

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    Nothing lyssariia@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    My favorites are badminton and soccer although I haven't been active at all lately hehe.

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    Billiards is a sport? I remember one time I played it...and I tried to hit one of the balls and ended up thrusting my cue in the air and hitting the light fixture above the table...luckily it didn't break.

    My favorite sport would have to be soccer though.

    Or maybe Tennis. I kinda wanna learn how to play tennis, it looks fun.
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    I used to love playing volleyball. Used to... lol. I can't tell you the last time I have actually played a sport.

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    I don't like sports at all. =D
    But I used to play handball... it's a quite aggressive sport. =D

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    I like Basketball and Tennis
    I didn't like Tennis till my boyfriend pulled me into it (I found it oober boring.) But then I found an obsession in it after playing Mario Tennis, and watching The Prince of Tennis. lulz XD
    And I like basketball from my brothers always being obsessed and watching the NBA games at 10:00 at night till 12. x.x

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    futbol and football! go Portugal and the Dallas Cowboys!
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    Wii Fit. And marbles. Hehe. I like some real sports too, though I kinda stink at them... Dodgeball, tennis, maybe some baseball.
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    Mine is football and tennis im sort of a tomboy but footballs so fun.Who else likes football? is it just me the only one that likes football.

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