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Thread: need help!

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    need help!

    when i go to log into HKO on my computer i enter in username and password then it says connecting then comes up with a little box saying "version incorrect"

    what does this mean

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    The SanrioTown Guy chaosvirus@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Try clicking the "Patch Now" button before starting the game or re-install it.

    You can always send an e-mail to help@hellokittyonline.com for assistance.

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    ah, I'm having the same problem.

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    when I try to log onto my hko profile it says that I'm not a registered user... I bought the game and downloaded it. Whats wrong?

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    Senior Member auntdotti@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    That's really odd, especially because you are posting here (thus your account works). One thing that might be off is that the game asks you to put in your full SanrioTown email.

    Have you tried it again since you've posted? help@hellokittyonline is the email for game support, but I would hate for you to have to email there so soon after getting the game.
    HKO in game name:

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    When you logon, make sure you use your full e-mail address as the username.

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