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    hi im a newb lol im not sure where to begin with this game!! can any1 help me???

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    So, you want to play Hello Kitty Online. (HKO for short) Well to play hko you have to go to www.hellokittyonline.com and then you should download the program. When its already downloaded just enter your username which is your sanriotown email. Then enter your password that you use to log onto your account. Then just choose: International or US/Canada. Create your character and you are ready to play the game! Have fun and I hope to see you there!
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    Hi rainbowkitty, welcome to HKO!

    You can find a thorough guide on HKO as well as lots of more information at the HKO Wiki:
    Comprehensive Newbies Guide to HKO

    HKO Int: Hi US/C: Ly | My Blog | HKO Wiki

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