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    Movie was notebook and I was upset while watch it out.

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    Saw 3D movie is very scary movie..

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonluv86@hellokitty.com View Post
    Which movie has made you cry the most? What happened in the scene that made you cry? The scenes that make me sad are the ones where animals die Poor animals...

    Like Me To!

    In Charlottes Web,wjen She dies.OMG me and my teacher cried and cried!!!

    Of coirse...
    Who would not jsu SOB?!?
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    The titanic,jhonny, and the grace card.. yess im a emotional person :,(
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    Charrletts Web Titanic and Hmm...That is it my frinds!

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    The notebook,and The Hunger Games (when Rue dies)
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    I know a lot of you has cried over The Notebook... I did too. Also Disney Pixar's Up.
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    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. After I watched it I went to the bathroom and my face was so swollened that my eyes were almost completely shut! Plus I had that huge headache from all that crying. I was able to wash my face but did not put my face cream on since just washing it hurt so much. Next day my face was still a little swollened and my eyes too. I knew I had cried during that movie but not that much!
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    If you want tearjerkers, try Memories of Matsuko (Japanese), Sad Movie (Korean) and Love Phobia (Korean).

    If you liked the ending-ending of Titanic, check out Somewhere in Time.
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    Shalour city? :o
    Probably Volcanion and The Mechanical Wonder :/

    But not in a very moving way. That movie was just icky to me. Way too dark for a Pokemon film. It doesn't feel good to cry over it...like at all lol

    EDIT: Pokemon The First Movie probably moved me to tears too. I'd say it was a better film overall though It's dark, too, but not so abserdly so.

    Maybe a lot of pokemon films in general do that for me (and i like most of them. but i hate the megearna film!!! lol)
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