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Thread: Fashion Time!!

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    Red face Fashion Time!!

    Hi,, my newest thing (besides HK, which isnt even new to me..) is being a clothes designer... anyone wanna give me some ideas? I'm going on vacation this weekend and have lots of time to think... i'll post some of them when i get back! But deff give me ideas or something that yu would like me to design for yu,., i will be happy to design!! (:

    the best way to contact me is email.... : cutieedeviibby@hellokitty.com (:
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    Fashion is always changing with the time so we also have to change with the fashion.It is really important thing for everyone's life.I like to do the fashion with stylish leather apparels like best leather jackets collection.....

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    I'm not sensitive to fashion but I think one should just feel free to what makes you best. And find what is most suitable for you and your life, that's most important.

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