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    Game Guides

    Group System Guide

    The Group system is a new feature in Hello Kitty Online that allows players to play together with their friends and access to special cooperative features of the game.

    Starting a group and inviting players

    There are four ways to start a group and invite players:
    • Right-click on your avatar and select “Invite player to join your Group” then enter the name of the player.
    • Or right-click on another player’s avatar and select “Add Player to Group”.
    • Or go to your Friends List, select “Add Player to Group” and enter the name of the player.
    • Or right-click on a name in your Friend List and select “Add Player to Group”

    The player who started the group is the Leader. The maximum number of group members is four.

    Any players who get disconnected will remain in the group for 5 minutes, so you have time to log back in. If the Leader is disconnected, another player will be appointed leader.

    The Group Information window

    Once you are in a group, you can access the Group window by clicking on the “Party Info” icon on the right side of the screen. Clicking on it will reveal the Group Information window

    Through this window, you can access any Group member’s blog, videos and character information wherever they are. You can also send that player a Private Message or an Email through this window.

    Zones and Group boosts

    Group boosts are special enhancements that you can enjoy from the Group system, but they can only be activated if group members stay near each other. Beside each member’s name on the left side of the screen is a Zone indicator, which changes color to indicate your distance from that player.

    Members of a group will enjoy speed boosts when walking, crafting, and harvesting. The closer you are to other group members, the more effective your boosts will be, so check the Zone icons of your group mates to make sure you get the maximum effect of the boost.

    Loot sharing

    Another advantage of being in a group is the ability to split item drops with members of your group. Only the leader can access settings for Loot sharing, but other members must vote in order for the settings to be changed.

    There are three types of Loot sharing settings:
    • Turn – Players take turns receiving loot in a round-robin style.
    • Random – The system will randomly assign an item to a player.
    • Lucky Draw – Items will be stored in a special inventory.

    To run the Lucky Draw:
    • The leader must open his/her Inventory and click the “Start Lucky Draw” button.
    • Group members will then see the Lucky Draw Inventory, and will take turns taking items from any slot they wish until the Lucky Draw Inventory is empty. All items will be masked to have the same icon, so players will not know which items they will be receiving until it is in their own inventory.

    Group quests

    These quests work like regular quests, but they can only be completed while in a group.

    Group leaders who accept these quests can share them to other members of the group by locating the quest in their Quest Log clicking on the “Share Group Quest” icon.

    Alternately, members can still accept the quest individually and complete it as a group. Only members who have the quest receive credit once the quest is complete.

    Note: The Group system is still being worked on, so watch this space for updates on upcoming features. (Last updated: March 08, 2010)

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    Re: Game Guides

    Repeatable Quests

    Daily quests
    • These quests can be done once a day.
    • Daily quests reset every day (16:00 server time).
    • You can receive these quests and turn them in to Material Merchants in London, Paris and Beijing. For instance, you get the quest in London, you can turn it in Paris/Beijing.

    Weekly quests
    • In order to do a weekly quest, you need to finish 4 daily quests in one week.
    • Weekly quests are activated every Saturday (00:00 server time), and they can only be done until Sunday (00:00 server time).
    • The week will then reset every Monday (00:00 server time).
    • You can receive these quests and turn them in to Material Merchants in London, Paris and Beijing. For instance, you get the quest in London, you can turn it in Paris/Beijing.

    Monthly quests
    • In order to do a monthly quest, you need to finish 2 weekly quests in that month.
    • Monthly quests can be completed between the 25th until the 27th of every month.
    • The month will reset every 24th day of the month (00:00 server time).

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