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    Unhappy *!♥ How do I create a blog?! :o

    Hi im new to hko (: and I was trying to make a blog but whenever I do I cant seem wher eto actually "make one" :< sorry for the sillyness. !*♥

    ~ Raindrop

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    i don't know too ....how to start the blog ? Pls help~

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    When you click on the blog button at the top of the page (or visit this link: http://www.sanriotown.com/sso.php?service=blog )

    What happens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happie_life2@hellokitty.com View Post
    i don't know too ....how to start the blog ? Pls help~
    You can create a blog using the [link removed].It provides the Quick blogcast tool which helps to create a blog easily.

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    You can create your own blog by clicking on the "Blog" tab above this page. Once you're in the Blog Dashboard ["Welcome to SanrioTown Blog"], click "Write a post" and start typing your blog entry.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, lyssariia's link leads to the Blog Dashboard. Thanks Ly!


    The link you have provided is questionable. It will be deleted later on. Please do not advertise unsafe/questionable links.

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