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    Titans, GO! (Teen Titans incase you haven't picked up on it)

    What are your favourite Teen Titans characters? What about Rob/Star or Rob/Rae pairings? BB/Terra or BB/Rae? Talk about your fave shippings in the series here. I'll start:

    I think that Starfire is an awesome character because she's naive, but she's a fierce fighter and has a good sense of humor. Apart from the episode 'Forces of Nature' when she calls BB a 'clorbag' but that's cause Cy was meant to be the target, but instead, Star got splatted in the face.
    My fave pairing is Rob/Star because, well, they're just meant to be. Anyone who saw Trouble in Tokyo would know that. They like eachother so much. OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE! Sorry, didn't mean to shout.

    Trust me to ramble on like that. I'm a Titans LOVER. Literally.

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    Shalour city? :o
    Teen Titens was cool, dunno who my fav charry was though i guess.
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    i remember watching the show as a kid on cartoon network, but i'm not a major fan. haha. i think i might start watching it again, i remember liking it a lot. i liked starfire and beast boy the best... and rob is robin.. right? rofl. in that case, starfire and robin are a perfect pairing.. didn't they even kiss in the trouble in tokyo movie? now i like raven. and beast boy. XD.

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    I like Raven and Starfire they are my favorite Characters XD
    Robin and Star are a good pairing
    and so is Raven and Beast Boy

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    I used to watch that show when it was on cartoon network. They don't show this show on cartoon network anymore since there's new shows. They do show it on Boomerang. Hmm my favorite character is either Starfire or Raven. xD
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    I like the Jinx and Kid Flash pairing.

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    That's one of my top 5 non anime series. I have the first and last season on DVD (It's only 5 seasons)
    My favorite characters are: Starfire, Raven and Argent.
    I'm happy that a new animated series is coming soon.
    I only support official shipping.

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    I used to watch that show.
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    I've only seen a few episodes, but otherwise, it's a good show. I like Raven the best.
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