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Thread: Fall Fashion??

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectpanda37@mymelody.com View Post
    oh well i have a few more...and by the fact that i am positive the Korean Street fashion will show here are others
    sorry if the countries i picked are weird XD

    this is Pakistani Fashion (not really but its the only american like one i could find)
    Just add a cardigan or something like that to it and viola FALL FASHION

    now this is Indian street fashion (yes! In India they wear similar clothes to us!)
    It has some pastel colors long sleeves, and i have no clue how long the pants are but most south asian pants are long (I am a Pakistani so i know)

    ok now and this is something for a party but its fall like fashion replace tights with leggings
    Actually tights are suppose to be in this fall...

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    Autumn colors are always good during autumn. Different shades of brown, orange and red are always safe choices. And depending on your hair color different colors might look better. Skirts are fun as long as they're only slightly above the knee - and if you wear leg warmers, especially later in the season, it's a really cute look!

    When the autumn weather is really cold - a neutral colored turtle neck with over sized jewelry is always one of my favorite ways to go. Remember - it's not allll about clothes, accessories are a big part of fashion too! Adding a belt at your waist could be what makes an outfit work.

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    thanks guys you have helped me loads

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    Quote Originally Posted by ainsliejones@hellokitty.com View Post
    A lot of preparation i have done for fall fashion . Main thing is Fall Dresses. I bought this time from onlygowns.com . This are very gorgeous dresses . They also have lovely Evening Dresses and various gowns collections.
    EXCUSE ME BUT I DONT HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, that DID NOT help at ALL, i mean, the cheapest was like 300 dollars! not EVERYONE is rich ok? i am sorry if i sound mean but even my MOM's whole WARDROBE put together doesn't cost more then TWO of those dresses, this includes her purses, etc..
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    Thanks for sharing this post

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