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    Quote Originally Posted by amberjean93@hellokitty.com View Post
    Does Animal Crossing count? I like that, too.
    I like Animal Crossing too!!! It's so fun, I've been playing it ever since I was 5 years old!! The only sad part about it is when the animals leave our town Why do they have to go away when we travel to another town?! There are so many virtual worlds I like, I can't list them all here! I could write a whole book with the virtual worlds I like!!!

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    i like....POCKIE NINJA LOL
    i love it though! I also like HKO and secret of the solstice (it doesn't work for me anymore D

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    I love Animal Crossing, too. City Folk for Wii.

    I also like Fantage.

    And I might try HKO.

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    My favorite are Toontown, Build-A-Bear-ville, HKO, Clubpenguin, and PixieHollow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daniel311_2009@hellokitty.com View Post
    My favorite are Toontown, Build-A-Bear-ville, HKO, Clubpenguin, and PixieHollow.
    I used to play all three

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    HKO obviously. I play Vindictus and Dragon's Nest too (Just started playing Dragon's Nest today though). The last two are going to be soley just to kill things when I'm having a bad day...

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    HKO,Movie Star Planet,Fantage,Poptropica

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    I love Tinierme, HKO, and Poupee Girl.

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