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    How do you cook?

    I'm a total newbie to HKO, and I have no idea how to cook! Can you help me? I need the instructions like as if I'm two yrs old! Seriously it's confusing!!


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    Don't worry, sometimes the game has odd commands to follow.

    If you hit "p" it will bring up the production menu. Click on the icon that looks like a baked ham then click on the recipe you want to make. That will list the ingredients you need to make it. When you have all of the items, there will be 3 buttons at the bottom. The one that looks like a set of test tubes will make as many of the items as you have ingredients for, the middle one with the pair of test tubes will make one batch of the food and the final button will cancel out making the item.

    The Wiki has guides for any other times you might run in to trouble figuring out HKO's sometimes unusual commands. ^_^
    HKO in game name:

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    The Tutorial Squeet Says,
    "Here's step by step instructions:
    1. Click on Production (Or press P)
    2. Go to the tab 'Cooking'
    3. Click on the food you would like to make
    4. Gather all the materials shown on the screen
    5. Click Produce and congrats! You now know how to cook!"

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