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Thread: Monster Eggs

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    Talking Monster Eggs

    Sometimes you can find monster eggs in Sanrioland right click on it to make it hatch. You will receive a random petcard. The more rare the egg the more rare the petcard. These are avalible to all levels so you may start seeing a level 1 user with a Boxpig. They are very common especially in Sanrio Harbour. New York has the rarest eggs and does not have much so go there if you want a challenge. That's my idea. I really want it in HKO so pet cards are more common.

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    (Boxpig cards are level 5, so a player would have to be level 5 to use one.)

    The main ways I know of to get pet cards are: random item drops from stunning the monster, buying with coins in the item mall, capsule machine in the pizza parlor of New York, player trades (of course), three can be bought in Paris (and Melody's Grandpa will give you one) and you'll win the Dark Starbeam for completing the Dream Carnival (including collecting all of the other gender's clothes).

    Both the monster drops and the capsule machine are really random, so it's up to luck (or repeatedly stunning monsters) to get them. The Dark Starbeam requires some work to get: you just have to be thorough in completing all of the quests. If you spend the coins, the pets in the item mall are all really good (but that takes real world money). Paris sells the three Sanrio Harbour monsters for reasonably cheap (so if you ask someone who's later in the game you might be able to repay them for one).

    As for trading with other players, all that takes is asking... including posting on the forums Someone might have the card that you are looking for. I don't have many cards (I have horrible luck getting card drops) but I would be happy to help get people the pets sold in Paris.
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