Iwata died on July 11th, due to a bile duct growth. He made a huge impact on the gaming industry. He:

-Helped the team who made Super Smash Bros. Melee debug the game so that it could be released by its deadline

-Ported the battle system of Pokemon Red/Green into Pokemon Stadium within a week

-Was the lead programmer on Earthbound and some SNES Kirby games, he reprogrammed Earthbound in less than six months, and saved HAL Laboratories from going under

-Compressed Pokemon Gold and Silver to half its size in order to fit in the Kanto portion of the game, something the team of the game thought they weren't able to do

-Cut is own pay instead of the pay of the people lower than him at Nintendo, because of the Wii U's failure

Iwata was Nintendo's 4th President, and the first who wasn't related to the Yamauchi family in any way. He was only 55 years old. Rest in peace, Iwata. We will all miss you.