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    [Problem] HKO client won't open.

    Hello forumers. ^ ^

    I'm in need of some help again with an issue that has happened to me quite often. :X I'm just looking for another solution instead of deleting and re-installing / re-patching the whole client again.

    Basically what happens is I double-click the client.. AutoUpdate opens up fine and I proceed to click the giant, green check mark button. After this, the tiny window which is supposed to open up with the buttons "Patch Now" and "Play" along with the window sizes & stuff never appears. owo The whole process just terminates.. as if I've never clicked anything in the first place.

    I waited 30 minutes in case this issue was related to my impatience, but even then nothing popped up. I noticed that the process just terminated so I assume even if I waited 1 week nothing would pop up. >_<

    Any ideas on what's wrong and how I can fix it? Just yesterday everything was working fine. :3
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    Well, if it was working fine a day ago, I'm not sure my suggestion will work, but try it anyway. If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click and use "run as administrator" instead. It shouldn't need this, but see what happens.

    When you exit HKO, how do you normally do it? Do you just X out of the window, or do you click the System Settings and do a Logoff?

    I've had, and I've seen others, who have had files get corrupted for no real explicable reason, and as a last resort, we've had to reinstall the client. I've since learned to keep a clean backup copy somewhere (backed up after making sure it was fully patched). I run HKO from my thumb drive, so I actually have two copies of HKO: one where I run the game from, and one that is only a backup. If something goes wrong, I simply copy the backup to the place where I normally run it from. You'll need twice the space (min. 8gb) but the time saved from having to re-patch is worth it.

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    When I exit HKO I do the following:

    System Settings -> Log Out -> Get to the main screen and click "Exit"

    I ended up re-installing / re-patching the whole thing. ^ ^; I should really consider getting myself a thumb drive.

    Thank you so much for replying to my thread azog@hellokitty.com
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    Myself on HKO:

    Server: International
    In-game Name: Puff_Pastry
    Level: I am level 24.

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