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    any homestuckers out there?

    lets talk about how amazingly clever and flawless homestuck is
    and have a link

    and i've decided that i'll kind of be Terezi at the con i'm going to in a few months but since i kind of decided that like
    last week
    i will have a dragon plush
    and if im lucky her walking stick
    idk though it mainly decided this because i was sad that i would be cosplaying so me being a moron is close enough

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    looks like a no
    i will bump anyways bump

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    i read it though im not crazy about it.

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    Woah, didn't know this was here. Yeah dude, Homestuck is great.

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    I looove Homestuck
    my name is gemayne.
    i enjoy korean boy bands and cute little bunnies.

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    Sorry to crash the party and not to flame anyone individually, but Homestuck is very overrated and I'm a little irritated by all the hype.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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