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    That's going to be so nice!!! Yay!!! =D
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    Let's see what they'll do this year.

    There might be HK items like last year, but this is unknown. I'm not sure if there is gonna be a portal to it from Harbor.
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    Wow! That's so exciting!! My birthday is on November 1st!!!

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    They forgot about Mimmy's birthday again... Poor Mimmy always left behind.

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    XD We should work out a player event for us to celebrate Mimmy's birthday.
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    hahaha yeah we should, to redeem ourselves for forgetting about her year after year lol

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    i cant wait love un

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    *dances on tippy-toes and wiggles all over*

    OMG!! I am so happy! I have so missed HKO. I'm hoping to reconnect with some old friends and am looking forward to finally seeing Tokyo for myself.

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!


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    Yatta!! I CANT WAIT! ~^.^~

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    Looking forward to this

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