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    Red face Fashion Forum on Clothes and Accessories

    Does anyone like haute` couture? Well me, I mostly like it VERY MUCH! You know what, haute`couture is adorable! Hi! My name is Kirsten Mae Chesna. I live on the Philippines. Mostly tropical weather is present here. So it's best to wear cotton clothes. I recommend a high form to suggest the character of the one who is wearing. The best design for young girls comprising ages 0-13 years of age are usually patterned with flowers and stars and any other shapes. Cartoon characters like Hello Kitty usually rock up young people's world of clothes; and even things from collectibles to room patterns!!! I love and like that! But now, I usually rock up to red carpet clothes snce i'm old and i'm already on the fifth grade on elementary. My little siblings like cartoon characters. Now, let us focus on high grade fashion sense. First, you should iron clothes with prints on the reverse side. Second, laundry clothes with care to prevent your hands from varicose vein views. Third, if your hands are dirty, clean them before touching your clothes. Fourth, you should pick the right size to fit in. Fifth, style your clothes on a good way; not like putting your belt to low from the right angle. Sixth, repair damaged clothes carefully. AND NOW, LET'S FOCUS ON ACCESSORIES. First, wear quality accessories so you could use it for a long period of time. Second, pick the one that is good and comfortable for you. Third, choose the right size of accessories for you. And lastly, YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF YOUR FASHION ATICLES, JEWELRIES, CLOTHES, CLIPS, HEADBANDS AND ALL YOUR ACCESSORIES FOR THEY MIGHT GET LOST OR BROKEN.

    This article applies as a must read for moms and kids who have a little difficulty on finding the right fashion tips.

    That's all and thank you for reading!!! Hope you've learned even just a little!!!

    Concerning on your problems,
    Kirsten Mae Chesna

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    Good information about Fashion accessories, thanks for sharing your comments and sure it will help for me.

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