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Thread: jasmine tea

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    Unhappy jasmine tea

    i gathered a lot of jasmine tea leaves so i figure id make jasmine tea , i checked wiki and it says it recovers 50stamina but ingame it only recovers 5hp

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    It's true. It says in the description : " Energy Restored 5 ". It must just be a mistake then at the wiki. ^ ^

    You can always place your mouse on the picture of the item you wish to create to see it's stats, description & stuff. That should help you confirm with what the wiki says it will do. :3
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    I wonder when the game changed that ._.;; When the recipe was wrote for the Wiki, it restored 50 AP. Likewise with Mulberry Juice and Coffee- it used to be 50, now it's 5... and it's not Action points, it's energy points (aka hit points).

    Thank you for pointing that out.
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    Undoubtedly another fine example of QC/QA. At the level you acquire the recipe for Jasmine Tea, and that the raw leaves alone restores 5 health, it's pretty much useless now.

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