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    Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX on the hardest difficulty, but with 'simple' mode selected (I believe it makes executing special moves easier, which I couldn't seem to perform at all with it set to normal):

    I got in a few goes just before this video, but it was soon after my first game. I didn't like the moves this fighter has, but she has a cute voice and story so I thought I'd use her. I want to play as her second rival next time. This is one game that I considered refunding because the developer has released an improved version for the same non-sale cost. I decided to keep it because the other one probably won't be 75% off for another year and I wanted to have something for YouTube. I got it at 80% off and the successor has just 1 additional character, so even if it does top out at 75% off that's $1.50 USD extra. I am also hoping the developer changes stuff, like the balance and the storymode so it isn't just the exact same thing over again.

    That girl from the Passpartout video doing real painting several years ago. I like time lapse of painting, it is fantastic seeing how artistry is built up! That said, I liked earlier stages of this better than the final version.

    Humble Store now has a winter sale, and GOG couldn't get enough of the sales either (desperation?). I continue to buy games. I could have gotten Arcana Heart 3 for a slight reduction if I had waited. I bought a gruesome game called Guts for only 50% off! It is one that is going to appear on Humble Monthly, I'm sure of it, so I paid $9 after my monthly subscriber discount that I probably shouldn't have spent at all. Furthermore, their description of a DRM free version is incorrect; it is a demo only! I have many issues with it, such as how few fighters there and how few backgrounds there are. Some of the other things I won't mention as it gets explicit. It will give children nightmares. It would give adults nightmares if they played it before bed, so I know it will give sensitive children nightmares.
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    I have given up trying to grab footage of GUTS. The videos are incredibly stuttery and it ruins the gameplay. It looks fairly terrible, it shouldn't be using that much CPU. I wouldn't have posted it here, anyway: too graphic! I will say there's a story mode there that will probably intensely upset cat owners and those opposed to animal cruelty. There's a maniac female character who tortures her cat. I like the art and the sinister nature of it, and it is fiction but something tells me the makers of this game have no affection for cats to know just how wrong and unfunny that is.

    I intended to grab a bunch of videos but got snared on trying to grab GUTS and grabbed little, and all I did grab was another attempt at Arcana Heart 3 using the same character but a different path https://youtu.be/7fOEPYrX9wg (I tried her rival in yesterdays video but it wasn't fun; most of the characters are not cutely voiced/written up like she is). It is probably the hardest difficulty setting which I use in the videos is not easy when the combat mode is set to simple. Rather, this character is easy as I had a heck of a time with the other character.

    I'd like to start completing games, but mostly not on video. I have a LOT of games, I'm not running out of inspiration, it's just becoming a clearer agenda.

    Oh, I played and caught video of my restarting the art game. I took my time with the pictures, which were abstract. One of them sold for a fictional 900 euros (first chapter). It seems the game rewards you not necessarily for the quality, but how much time you spend on it. I don't know whether to bother uploading the videos as it's slow and about 45 minutes worth, the art isn't good but you know unlike some on YouTube I'm going off my mind and not copying from pictures online. I actually don't like trying to replicate things, I want to do my own thing. I may accelerate the frame rate and compact it into a shorter player time. I intended to use my USB drawing board thing but it wouldn't work, unlike it does for others, for some reason. It moved, but wouldn't draw.
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    Lost 3 hours due to a bad clock. Trying to get everything uploaded.

    Kami. Very relaxing puzzle game.

    Windosill. This game is fantastic, but according to How Long to Beat the creativity only lasts half an hour. Clearly they are playing with the solutions at hand because I was stumped on the room on my second part for about 10 minutes of the 35 minutes I recorded until I gave up for the night.

    I played my first proper game of Sword of the Stars: The Pit after adding the last DLC I needed. I bought the gold edition a long time ago but this last DLC wasn't included, and as I had a lot of other stuff to get to I waited for it to come down in price for a couple of years. It only dropped to 50% off, but it'll do. For some reason, I thought I had the rest on Humble DRM free so I was waiting for it there specifically.

    Didn't expect my debut proper game to take so long. It lasted almost 2.5 hours. I was recording video and am uploading the last 25 minutes of it, but it's pretty boring. I think I may have almost wanted myself to die by the end because it looked like I could probably finish the game on my first go on normal difficulty for a while there.

    I also played my first games of Monster Slayers, probably my first RPG card game I have installed and played. I liked it and caught video, but for some reason ti didn't grab the audio.
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