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    Spoiler for those who haven't seen Assassin's Creed:

    Thanks for telling me about the finger, that was getting on my nerves especially since he got to keep all his fingers in the future.
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    I planned to make it another cat day, but I was tired at first, worked on my Sophie Ellis-Bextor video on PowerDirector, went to bed, got about 3-4 hours of sleep, had bad eyes so resumed work on the Sophie Ellis-Bextor video and before I knew it I was dead tired again. I needed something mindless, so played some more Speedball 2: Tournament. Liking it more and more, especially the fact much of it can be customized from the game files (rare game, like Worms 3D, where many of the game settings they usually deny you are in text format files like cfg's and ini's, possibly because the game is unfinished; for example, a lot of the game settings can be configured in the 'tuning' directory).

    It seems to catch the full match replays better than live playing, but doesn't show any highlight angles to scores. The reason why I won this game despite only have 3 goals to 7 is because I had set the multipliers (the spiral things at the sides of the court) twice giving me the x2 multiplier. So every goal was worth 20 points instead of 10. Getting the multipliers is my first port-of-call, but it looks like I can probably deactivate it in the config file for a harder game. Because I had the 2x multiplier when I hit a star on the side, I get a bonus 4 points instead of 2. When the computer deactivated my star, he only clawed back 2 of the 4 points so when I hit another star I won the game. I'm not sure if all points get deducted in the original or not.

    I do like PowerDirector. It has issues, but I like the presentation. Annoying things about these programs is that they deny you features reserved for more expensive versions of the programs. But unlike other programs, the features are visible without warning and you don't know it supports them until you click on them. One of the features is to turn over the audio track to AudioDirector, which is one of the programs I got in the bundle. So I thought I would be able to use that since I have both programs, but the idiots won't allow it. Looking at the AudioDirector program, it appears inferior in every way to the free Audacity program and there's a bigger minefield of denied content (one in every 2 filters redirects you to purchase the better version).

    The screen capture program also only works for utilities, not game overlays, making it worthless to me and it doesn't do anything that the entirely free OBS Studio does and does much more of. The PhotoDirector program however has some value, as I don't believe I can remove content like that (eg. removing a person from a background and having the program fill in the background) from pictures with other software that I know of. ColorDirector could also be of value, by the sounds of it. So I got something from 3 programs from the bundle, and VideoDirector is probably worth the bulk of what I paid ($7). Due to the dumb way they do things, I haven't got my bonus packs I paid $2 extra for, I lost the download links and have had to ask them to give me the download links again but I guess because it was the weekend I have no response so far.

    The programs are outdated. For example, PowerDirector is now up to a version 16. The one I got is the version 14, which must be at least a couple of years old (probably the year they were released). EDIT: 14.0: 2015/9, 15.0: 2016/09, 16.0: 2017/09.

    This is the bundle:

    (in the off chance anyone wants it, and I think PD is a fairly decent video editing program, if you get the $5 tier or even more so the $7 tier, for the packs activate one key at a time and only when you are ready to download the program the key activates, otherwise you will lose the download links. It does not tie it to your email account.)

    I had previously passed on the Humble Bundle version over a year ago, but bought the $1 tier. 2 of the 3 programs from that tier are repeated, but they are even older versions I think. I didn't get the key item of PowerDirector from that $1 tier. I do have Youcam from that bundle, so I'm glad I didn't buy the $20 tier, but in fact I don't want it anyway and furthermore there was mention that you get it free when you register to their site, although I registered and I didn't see it for free anyway. It could be a lesser, barely functional version, anyway, but whatever for a program I'll have no use for.
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    For the record, you can see my PowerDirector Sophie Ellis-Bextor tribute on the music thread. It wasn't all done on power director. I would play the video to get a rough idea of the second where the section I want starts, then I'd use a free program called Avidemux to cut that section of the audio out from the video which I already done for most videos before I got PD. It needs to be recompressed, not copied, as they use key frames: key frames are the full picture frames, as they animate as little as possible between frames. In order to get precise, it needs to reprocess the video to key frame it to where you start and end your selection. PowerDirector enables you to bundle these little videos together into one package (I usually export my videos to MP4), and apply text, graphics and effects on the presentation. It won't allow you to apply gain to the audio: make the audio balanced, another feature reserved for the more expensive version. But you can apply max gains using Avidemux to all of the audio tracks which brings them roughly to equal. You can refine it manually in PowerDirector, but I'm still getting use to those tiny buttons in the display. At the moment, I'm not using any graphics in my video, just text. The lines are down with _ underscore characters, and you can see in full screen the vertical ones are apparent. Quite amateurish, but I'm not too fussy...
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    Copy Kitty (98% positive on Steam)

    I had previously run through most of the training, but even still can't play the game efficiently. The game looks like it gets better in later stages and I'm excited to play more at some point in the future so maybe there'll be some further uploads whenever that happens.

    Blade Kitten (83% positive on Steam)

    Again, a really sloppy first playthrough, so sloppy I had to redo it but I was still adapting to it. I find it odd having the sword at a distance from the player, but it plays well enough with keyboard and mouse. I tried controller and didn't like it very much at all. I also tried laptop sensor pad which oddly feels good for most games but not this one. So it looks to me like some may be negging this game because of control issues. (I also experienced an issue where it wouldn't recognize mouse clicks, but it probably concerns booting the game with gamepad in or something.)

    Maybe there is some substance to it having a very thin plot and it just being a mindless kids cartoon, but I laughed at the interactions between the two cute female characters and had a blast watching it (even though the kitten is missing a belly button). Reportedly, this has a 5 hour game time plus 2 hours for the episode expansion which I also have, so it sounds like a quite moderate length game. It is quite clear the blonde girl isn't a villain, that she'll be a good character down the track.

    Once again, I'll be looking forward to finishing this one, but when can I do that? :/
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    No game videos today. I had insomnia all yesterday, but not the kind where I could actually do anything. I was seeing rainbows, blur and was too tired to play anything new, just couldn't get to sleep.

    I think this Gloom video is clean:

    I have corrected the text at the start of my Sophie Ellis-Bextor video as well as added a bit at the end. I have ruled out adding any more of her hits. There are some audio issues.

    I have also done a video on the software from that bundle (computer voiced):

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    Free Grim Fandango on GOG right now. I already had it, both Steam and DRM free on Humble. It is regarded as a classic point-and-click adventure, but I've not played the remaster and didn't get very far in the original. It didn't appeal to me that much.

    GOG Connect has a bunch of games that you can collect if you have the Steam version. The main one I added to my library is Homeworld Remaster Collection. So glad I didn't have to pay a cent more to get it DRM free, as I regretted buying it on Humble over a year ago not realizing GOG had a preferrable deal.

    As much as like GOG, I don't like their sale and I was waiting for this to come and it's a big disappointed. The first bonus item of Hard West at $20 is nothing. The game is unimpressive. The next one way up at $50, probably twice as much as normal, a newer Masters of Orion, sounds pretty worthless. I was hoping for games like SWAT IV to come up at sale, but it's only 50% off. I haven't waited all this time for just 50% off. I've already played through it, I can wait.

    They also brought back the gambling with star purchases. Given my experiences last time iwth the pinatas, I'd be nuts to try my luck again. I do need to know more, though.
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    I watched Assassin's Creed again from the start last night, I was just getting in front of the television and it was going to start, I figured I could drool over myself again watching Fassy .

    Speaking of this I also saw the two Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie, I do not know why I forgot it the other day since I love her .
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    Went looking to see if Getting Over It from Humble was giving out Steam keys (they have, which might be a first for Humble; happens with other bundles, but the first I've noticed with Humble), and found Cat Girl Without Salad from Humble Trove, so far true to being a Humble Exclusive (not on Steam unlike GOI and probably not elsewhere).

    The humor is so-so, but the voices are very amusing. This is one case where a "Let's Play" (a video game with voice over by the player) would have hurt the experience. I admit most of my videos would be better if I could voice over them, but in this case you just have to hear the girl voices speak!

    There are a number of subtle variations to the opening line played at random that I tried to capture. In addition, there are some alternate language versions. I believe I heard a Spanish one, and then I heard a Japanese one. The Japanese one in particular sounded absolutely hilarious! I tried over and over again hoping it would play again but it seems to be rigged to only ever play once? I caught it on video too, but ran into performance issues with the game and deleted the file. Sigh.

    I'm not sure why they have a gaming context. I like all but the Dance Dance Revolution gun, which is impossible to see to aim when you're following the arrows. But I have no idea why it's gaming themed since the plot doesn't appear to be.

    As much as I like it, especially the talking voices, it does feel like if it was on Steam it'd belong at the $0.99 mark since it only has 3 stages and is very easy to code most of it as a side scrolling SHMUP.

    Pretty sure I'm not going to try my luck with the star deals on GOG. It's very rare for anyone to report getting the more expensive ones, and only a couple have been reported. No Cuphead, for instance. One of the reported games is Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak which would be nice, but it is also a DLC game and I'd be playing it incomplete if by some miracle (probably 1 in 100) I got it. Of the lower budget ones, I'd like the Disney classics (Lion King, Aladin and whatever the third is I can't remember) as well as SWAT IV but no one is reporting getting them! They are reporting getting many games I don't own on GOG but I do on Humble, which means there is a very high chance if I did try my luck I'd be given repeat games. The only reason it's still a remote possibility is that I own so many games on GOG, it may boost my chances a little. I wish others didn't encourage it by buying many like they have.
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    May not upload anything this morning. Need all my connection to download all of my MAGIX products from the latest Humble bundle. i guess they didn't want to be over done by BundleStars/Fanatical, they have released their own bundle featuring VEGAS Pro video editor for $20. When I saw the $399 RRP on it, that was a deciding factor in whether I would spend $20, which is normally way more than I'm prepared to spend as that price indicated it was the full package. Didn't occur to me after it had a weird version name: VEGAS Pro EDIT. Looking online afterwards, I find out it is a crippled version (can't author DVD/Blu Rays) and has a RRP on Steam of $199, half the stated amount. Furthermore, I saw another version existed, some bundle or something, which has effects. I assume the edit version has effects, but it was something I failed to clarify before editing. How could it not? I gather this other version has more extensive effects. I figured the full package was worth $10 to me, now it's probably worth $5.

    The downloads yesterday weren't going very fast and I had to capture the install files from my Windows TEMP directory to download here and install on my laptop, so I only had the chance to download 3 and lost the install files to one as I didn't capture it in time. Of the two programs I have tried, Magix Photo Manager Deluxe (reportedly $50 RRP) and XARA Photo and Graphic Designer (reportedly $60 RRP), the only one that was particularly worth it was the latter. It is my only graphics program that draws in objects: items that can be moved about after drawing, turned 3D (given simple width) or reshaped. As it is my first program of its sort, I can't attest to its quality versus other programs just that I quite liked it. I like the fact that it's full of brushes although I couldn't figure out much. It gives me hope for the bundle as a whole, and I value it as $4 value to me (given I rarely do anything with graphics).

    The Photo Manager is borderline rubbish! There are several freeware video browsers that are better, IMO. The one I use is XNView. You can apply effects, you can resize through a variety of methods (for some reason, only about 1 in 5 of my commercial graphics programs has resizing and it isn't nearly as extensive in options!). When I get a graphics program, I like to test out their filters to see how it compares with others but I couldn't find any. The program has two features that might be worth something: 1) It can do likeness, including facial recognition, between pictures but IMO you need a far more extensive library of random graphics than I have for this to be of value and I never got to try it out because the program kept crashing on me!; 2) it can combine pictures into panoramas, although unlikely that I am ever going to have candidates that will work for it (as the simple images I used were insufficient). Furthermore, the panormas are restricted to 8 images with the enticement to pay for more. Look, I'll give the program a $1 value simply because you win some/lose some.

    So I think I might have half of the value so far, assuming VEGAS is all that its made out to be. I have use for a good slideshow program (at least one if not both of the graphics programs above have slideshow options, which are as good as most freeware but which suck) to replace a program I used a freeware version of many years ago called MemoriesonWeb for my various slideshows on YouTube and my attempts to demonstrate a cover up! Having sounds associated with each frame is one of the most important factors to me, as well as having slides that can be text only. For my slideshow on YouTube, I like having custom pan and scan options. It is an extremely crude program with many bugs and crashes and can't do 16x9 very well, but I still use it out of affection. So IF MAGIX Photostory Deluxe can do all of that, I will be elated as I need to replace it. If it can do all that I want in a slideshow program, and it is 1GB on the download, twice as large as VEGAS Pro, it would be worth at least $5 to me, possibly more than the video program (which might be able to do a slide presentation like I want, but if its anything like the other one it is probably too over complicated).

    The third program I downloaded yesterday but failed to install was the audio cleaning program. My Sophie Ellis Bextor video needs some fixes to the audio, it sounds watery from the original uploads, if it works on that then I'll also be elated, but I'm a skeptic as most audio fixing only damages audio futher, for instance: removing hiss and pops from vinyl rips causes a dulling of the audio, it loses its vibrancy. It'd need to fictionalize what audio was lost in its place because there is no other way of fixing audio.

    I have no use for a web designer, but we'll see. It is another Xara program so maybe it's worth it. It has a reported RRP of $100.

    I do feel screwed over by Humble on their RRP price of the main VEGAS Pro program of $399 but I don't believe it was intentional. I believe you can actually get the latest version of the edit version of the program (15 not 14) for $194 or better if you shop around. I don't know what kind of header for a utility Edit is and I don't think they realized, but they're also quoting old RRP's for mostly old versions of programs which I think is indicative of them being a mostly gaming bundle site. I'm anxious to see I make up the amount.

    The music maker program I believe is free, but has assets you buy. I doubt I'll ever get competent at computer music making, but it's something I could try out. I bought the lowest tier in a previous bundle which gave me a subscription to all their assets for a time. I have no indication there was an expirey on it. I do get the tools for '80s synth music and rap music. '80s synth is a bit hit and miss, and you can forget me ever being involved with the creation of rap! The professional audio filters might have some value, but I can hardly see it. I like having filters that work on reconstructing audio or eliminating noise from audio, not audio effects which I'm skeptical the overpriced 'professional' stuff is better at anyway.

    I did put the slider up on charity, but not as high as I'd normally do (only about one third of the way) because I don't like the freedom of the press rubbish, which is one of the greatest deceptions there is (that there could be any honesty, or that they work for our benefit). All journalists are lying scum! That's their industry. There's no escaping it. It's like a charity for honest politicians! I preferred to tip most of io Humble. The only reason they got anything in charity is that I could also donate to the homeless. Just wish I could remove the other front... (There should be a Freedom from the Press charity.)

    EDIT: I am now on dial up speeds for a week! They were reporting I still had 22GB off peak a couple of days ago and now saying it is 0. So in about 20 days I used 28GB and in the next 2 days I used 22GB, despite not downloading more than around 2GB in my estimation. It is either Windows update that has crippled my connection (possible an infinite loop from inability to patch Windows? It took an hour plus trying to install some stuff yesterday and this morning reports something failed) or erroneous logging by my server (they have previously screwed up logging in different ways), for the second time! I am going back to disabling Windows Update, this time possibly for good! And I'm pretty certain my ISP has lost me whenever we do get the NBN (the only reason we haven't moved on as construction underway -- may take 6 months -- and we don't want to be locked in a inferior contract for 2 years). I think I can finish VEGAS Pro but not the slideshow program. I will also try to get the audio cleaner. So annoying...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shumibiggi@mymelody.com View Post
    I watched Assassin's Creed again from the start last night, I was just getting in front of the television and it was going to start, I figured I could drool over myself again watching Fassy .

    Speaking of this I also saw the two Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie, I do not know why I forgot it the other day since I love her .
    They're doing another Tomb Raider movie...without Jolie. Its more of a reboot.

    As for Assassin's Creed, don't worry about it. Its lore is already confusing enough, and last I heard, they were talking about doing a sequel.
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