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    I've gone insane with money this morning. Therapy, after yesterday where I was losing my mind for 5 hours.

    This is the most I've ever spent on games in 1 day and I think I will add some more.

    I started off with cute dog game Mimpi at $0.50 as I have the sequel. I then stumbled upon a Heretic/Hexen 'classic' game bundle for $2.50 and bought that. I then went look for Silent Hunter III which I had never before seen at more than 50% off and bought that, as it is a game I owned years ago that I never fleshed out. Ditto the IVth game, but that's not worth the asking price IMO.

    I then went looking for all the 2D fighter games I declared I'd get for 75% off, starting with King of Fighters XIII for $5, then BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend for $4 and lastly, a game I never researched before, Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign for $10. On the latter, I paid $2.50 more for the ************************ DLC that doesn't affect gameplay. The different voice sets might be okay'ish and it's worth something to mix up the colours. Probably threw away money, but there's no bundle of just the DLC if I changed my mind.

    Found a random game called Slam Fighter, an insult game, it was under $1 and bought it. Bought Hyperdimension Neptunia U because it was 90% off, and added the two DLC for $4. Bought Ember for $2.50 as I had less caution when I almost bought it several months ago. Bought Death Goat at under $1. Bought the DLC for Dungeon of the Endless. Bought Nicolas Eymerich - The Inquisitor - Book 1 : The Plague for under $1 as I had the sequel. Bought GRID Autosport - Black Edition Pack for $1.25 to complete the DLC for that game; the sponsors and objectives tilted it into necessity.

    Potentially the stupidest decision of the morning: Disney Mega Pack for $27.50. G-Force sounds cool and is 93% positive (worth: $5). I had previously passed on Disney Universe but bought it this time (worth to me, $5). Split Second looks kind of fun, and has 9 hours of gameplay so I thought $4 was fair. Tron 2.0 is a cool game, have it retail and on GOG and have finished it years ago. Worth $0.50 as a backup on another service. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two? Seems like it may be compatible with adults. I value it is worth $2.50. Mickey isn't very cute to me, but it has cute potential. Disney planes... mixed messages, but I liked Snoopy vs the Red Baron so a little cartoony air battles game is probably okay. Worth $1.50. Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland movie tie-in, these Disney film tie in games are never any good but the reviews give me optimism. $2. The Cars and Toy Story tie in's (4 games, 2 apiece) I valued at $4 between them but that may be over the top given their notorious reps and some may not even work. Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End, have retail but $0.50 for an easy to access version of a not-so great game. I believe it is Sea Dogs 2 reskinned, and I think I have the first SD at GOG. LEGO Pirates of the Carribean is one of a half dozen LEGO games I've played through, but I quite liked this entry and for $2.50 it's okay so I can access it again. Disney Tron: Evolution may be worth $0.50 just for a trial.

    All up: I think $28 so maybe not so bad. I can trim $0.50 off the Toy Story/Cars tie ins. Have to expect to overpay a bit as it is Disney and most of those games have insane $20 RRP asking prices individually! Have played a bit of the first Cars game (not on this bundle) and couldn't get into it. Felt too childish. Hopefully the sequel is faster, if nothing else.

    EDIT: Don't believe PURE was even listed, probably because it's been removed from Steam but got that also. Already had it retail, but now inaccessible. Worth $0.50.
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    I am thinking of getting a few games returned. None of the Disney games, that would invalidate the pack and despite over paying for it and them bound to be cheesy as hell games with floaty mechanics, I am content with it. I actually think I have been mislead on some of the Disney games as the idiots at Steam thought it was a good idea to encourage 'funny' reviews of people giving games a thumbs up and not being serious about it, merely because it gives them an opportunity to attention ******************** a 1-liner. I didn't know G-Force was a weakly received movie, I thought this might have been a rare time when Disney went into games without a movie tie in. It has over 90% positive on Steam, which I now know is rubbish. It may be okay but it's not worth $5, maybe $3. On the plus side, I am now more sure that the one game I got that wasn't even listed, Pure, is worth more to me than $0.50, maybe $1.50 given it does appear to be removed from Steam.

    Me playing Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion, a remake of a game from 1990, not from the bundle but something I acquired probably 2 years or more ago. I'm not a fan of it, but it is likely vastly better than most of the Disney bundle I just bought.

    The third part has me battling the second boss for the first time. It takes me about 7 minutes to figure out how to kill him, so I won't post but I uploaded it all the same.

    My latest music video presentation, this time Perfume. I wanted to use Photostory for it but had issues and chose VEGAS Pro instead and was glad I did, because I probably wouldn't have chanced upon how good the flash transitions are for this act, which likes to use themes on light. In my experience, the Japanese companies are usually the hardest to crack down on copyright. A lot of them just block their content from Australian viewers and as far as I can tell leave it up for the rest of the world, but I know some non-Asian videos that are blocked exclusively in the US or UK so it's possible it happens there too. The fact that Perfume's main page isn't blocked gives me hope.

    EDIT: It was blocked worldwide upon upload. I probably won't bother with any other Japanese acts...

    I'm a bit irrate about buying Arcana Heart 3 LoveMax from Steam only to find out it has an update that is its own game for the same RRP. It was released less than 2 weeks ago, but if they have an update to the same game with more content they should either remove the other game or reduce it to something like half price RRP. I should have paid 80% off half price for that game, because the programmer is basically ripping people off for an update. Even at 80% off, I feel cheated. I am definitely inclined to claim on that one. Likewise Guitly Gears Xrd: Sign since Revelator is also largely an update of that game. It does have a new story (which the other game doesn't), but you know how story goes with 2D fighting games. A few stills with dialogue boxes and nothing more. Revelator has all the same characters with the same moves and the same levels and more with much improved graphics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytOQ...ature=youtu.be). If I'm to pay as much as I did, I'd sooner only get the sequel. Thirdly, I blundered on Heroes of Loot 3 as I'd rather have that DRM free on Humble.

    I have only claimed a refund on 1 game before, but these 3 I definitely feel I'll ask for a refund on.

    I don't know how Wall-E and one of the original Cars games can get a highly positive rating on Steam? It makes me fear for the quality of the games I bought. I remember now I could only play the Cars game I had for 5-10 minute periods as it kept crashing and I just gave up before progressing very far. Going by reviews, I am not the only one. That alone should earn it vastly negative. I can get these other games in another bundle. I played Wall-E for 15 minutes (as I was a going through a movie tie-in completionist phase) and gave up because it felt like rubbish. How does it get 88% on Steam? What am I missing? Is it really good or are people voting from a childhood/jokestar/movie fan perspective?
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    They Bleed Pixels (due to many issues with capturing this game, I had to have many takes and got efficient with playing it, but not good: still can't get an A rating? I probably need to kick the enemies into groups of 2 or 3 and perform combos on them all at the same time or something).

    Camp Sunshine

    I am trying to get back into Shogun 2: Total War. I have a bunch of Total War games and they have never sustained my interest for very long. I remember playing a difficult mission in Shogun 2 when you are escaping a burning stronghold. I want to get back in the zone, but failed the advanced tutorial mission.

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    Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit


    A game about a bearded man in a girls dress fighting joyful little girls in the forest, some of the cutest adversaries I've encountered in a game (possibly second to the smaller aliens in the original Halo) but it doesn't look like they last beyond the first level. Beyond the 'girls' beard (I also don't know what that first character is suppose to be, since he doesn't seem to have human facial features), the pixel graphics seem to be fairly fantastic, especially the reflection in the water (don't know if it's in the 1st part).

    My proof of purchase (my screen cap of my Fanatical page with all of my product keys) wasn't enough for Cyberlink to give me access to my expansion packs for PowerDirector! I am sending out additional screen caps, but I think this is going to drag on beyond 4 weeks to no result!
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    A couple of Rogue-likes:


    "You hit the pink rhombieuboctahedron."


    Both are more faithful to true Rogue games, with WazHack being pretty much a Rogue game not a Rogue-like, and both are very addictive although they may not appear that way.

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    6 new game video uploads of 4 games today. I've got to stop posting stuff that may be child unfriendly here on these boards. Sometimes I forget where I am, especially as there aren't any children that I know of frequenting these boards anyway. And it's not always easy to tell what is Halloween'esque and what is just wrong. I know when I was a young kid, I liked horror films. I have a hunch that I saw American Werewolf in London at the drive in with my father when I was 6 or so, but I may be wrong, recollections don't come easy to me.

    I hope I haven't ruined these forums for people, but truth is you were discussing horror movies and even death metal music before I came here, probably way back when the forums were peaking in activity.

    I also know too many embedded videos can slow pages down for people, so I can't just throw up 5 more videos today. Especially as no one clicks on them anyway. I'm getting to the point where I should make many videos a day and can't just link every single one of them.

    The four games I played were:

    Lakeview Camp Collection
    FrightShow Fighter
    Time Simulator
    Rusty Lake Hotel (where I'm going to upload all videos of me solving it without edit as an experiment)

    Lakeview Camp Collection is the best of those. The game was a blast. I really like Time Simulator, it's a very relaxing game.

    FrightShow Fighter is notable for it's art, so I'll post that. Not very good game play, but once you get used to the reach of your arms and legs it seems okay given all the eye candy you're seeing anyway.

    I've refunded the Guilty Gears game only so far. Have to do them one at a time and as I have 14 days I'm not rushed.

    I've bought many cheapish games over the last few days. The most expensive was Homebrew - Vehicle Sandbox (which was cheaper when bundled with another game). I don't have any construction side of me. I do not have any interest in vehicles, flying or ground based. I don't know what all these parts in a car does. But if I can build my own stuff virtually (not sure how elabourate it is), it is a way of educating me (something I always like) and takes the sweat and labor (and cost) out of it. As it is right now, I wouldn't have bought it if the author didn't say it was going to have customizable objectives which may add single player worth. For instance, as it is right now I believe if you race there is no clock. I'd like to see them add a clock to it and the ability to build race courses so I can race against my own times in my contraption. As it is right now, I don't believe you can enjoy much without rivals. It's just something you build... It took me days to determine it was worth the $4.
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    Rain World

    Got an annoying 'through the walls' thumping sound that makes me mute it. I haven't explored the volume controls yet and whether it is attached to music.

    In case you're wondering, the animal is officially a Slugcat, a cat with slug-like movements. I didn't know what I was doing, but that is good as I get to look like a silly animal trying to figure it out. Like chasing wild exotic creatures who're suppose to kill you...
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    Super Chibi Knight:

    Sid Meier's Pirates! (low budgetted 2002 remake):

    I cancelled and refunded my Disney Mega Pack because I saw it for much cheaper from an unauthorized reseller. There was over $20 AUD difference and I used the savings as motive to overspend on Nitroplus Blasterz at only 60% off. The danger with these sellers is that they may have stolen physical merch or hacked someones PayPal account. In the case of the latter, if its found there is a charge back and the company will remove your key. Out of my massive library, I had previously used them less than 20 times. Over the last few days, I've used them about a dozen more times including this pack of 14 games as 1 item. I did not get PURE again with it, sadly, but it's not worth it anyway.

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    911 First Responders. Even though it may sound more mature having a game where the objective is to save peoples lives not kill them, this is the type of thing you would do with a kid in the '80s, with a number of Micro Machines (which were undoubtably inferior to Matchbox but more cute and toy like) and a bit of imagination. The pew-pew's where there if you had military vehicles, but it was just as much fun imagining being a first responder with your firetruck or ambulance...

    I was thinking of finishing this one as it kind of makes me feel young, but now I read there is a new version of Emergency 4 (it's European title) going to be released I'm wondering if I'm better off holding out for that. Then again, it doesn't promise much in the listing (eg. it doesn't say anything about supporting resolutions higher than 1024x768 or widescreen aspect ratios, just a few bonus missions for the first time translated).

    EDIT: A higher resolution widescreen setting DOES work, just not from the interface. The settings need to be edited from the config file. I assumed this game was early 2000s where fullscreen only was fairly common, not 2007.
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    Starward Rogue. Look at the pretty bullets at the start.

    To Be Or Not To Be (digital game book/choose your own adventure)... so utterly juvenile.

    I bought the original Prey game for Steam from key resellers yesterday. I had it retail, but can't get to it so I would like a digital copy. It is removed from Steam and is by far the cheapest quality pulled item I've found. I am in the mood for the olympics sanctioned video games but there hasn't been one since London 2012, and that one was pulled from Steam with no keys to be gound anymore. Retail versions which go for way too much for my blood have Games for Windows Live which means they almost certainly don't work anymore. I don't know what would possess the Rio people to not have a video game of it. Invariably Olympic games cost more than they bring in revenue but it looks like Rio didn't even care to try. The two non-Olympic sport event games I got I got for about $0.50 each on bundles, but I was willing to go up to $5 for the Olympic games.

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