Because I would probably buy myself broke if I didn't seek help. Anyways, I really want to buy items from the Etude House's Dreaming Swan set (also, link to official site), which was sold out before I could get any money to get anything. Anyways, now that I have some money, I could always buy of Jolse.

I know for sure that I want the lavender blush only. I think I will buy two blushes (including the lavender) and two shine volumers. I'm not sure which colors to chose for those. Although, for the shine volumers, I am leaning towards Dreaming Swan and Dazzling Toe Shoes. I'm also not completely sure about whether or not I want the veiling pact. Any advice on that?

Anyways, here is a chart for the blushes and here is a chart for the shine volumers. Hope that helps.

If it helps, I'm a pale Asian-Caucasian mixed girl.